The Law of The Spirit of Life

Romans 8:2
For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death. 

The old law of sin and death referred to the Ten Commandments for the strength of sin is the Ten Commandments, which revealed that man was separated from God (death). God gave the Ten Commandments to reveal the sinful nature within man for all have sinned. When you look at the Ten Commandments you realize that everyone has violated them. But the new law in the New Testament is the law of love. When you are born again that love was shed abroad in our hearts revealing we now have a spirit filled with the life of God (reunited with God). How do we walk in victory over the spiritual death that once had us bound? We walk in this new law of love. The word for law means “to rule.” We are now to be ruled by the love nature that is in us. As we are ruled by love, choosing to yield to the love of God within, it frees us from the actions of the old sin nature of death that separated us from God. So walk in the Spirit of life by choosing to walk in love and you will walk free from that old sinful nature of death.

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