By Grace I Stand

Romans 5:2

…through whom (Christ) also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

The grace we have through faith in Christ is defined as: A divine influence that leads to living a life following after the example of Christ. This divine influence called grace, which can also be defined as heavens help, is available to us through faith. If you want to stand fast in this divine influence of God to help you in this life we must choose to walk by faith. In the book of James chapter 2 verse 17 we are told faith without works (corresponding action) is dead, devoid of power. Our faith in Christ is not only seen in receiving Him, but then following after Him. This is what being a Christian (a Christ follower) is all about. Faith is not just praying a prayer, but surrendering our life unto the Lord. To call upon the name of the Lord means we make Him the Lord of our life. He is the One we look to and follow after. We are told to put on Christ. Putting on Christ is like putting on a parachute. If you just have a parachute but don’t put it on and jump from a plane it does you no good. When you put on Christ it is like putting on that parachute. You are putting your full trust in Him by adhering to and following after Him. As we walk by faith we are standing in the grace God has given to us through Christ Jesus.

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