Don’t Make A False God

Acts 7:41 – That was the time they made a calf. They offered a sacrifice to that false god and delighted in what they had made.

In chapter seven of the book of Acts Stephen is recounting the history of events in the Old Testament leading up to Jesus coming and being crucified for us. This verse above is referring to the children of Israel who had chosen to make a golden calf to worship, their own false god. The children of Israel were not willing to obey God’s Word for them, they wanted to do things their way instead.

We still see believers under the New Covenant doing this today. A false god or idol is when we make a god to fit our own will, what we want. That is what the children of Israel did. Because they were unwilling to obey God and do what He had spoken to them, they made themselves a god. We do this when we choose not to honor God’s Word and therefore God’s will for our life. We instead try to make God fit what we want Him to be, but God Himself has declared that He does not change.

Anytime we chose our own will, what we think will make us happy or fulfilled based on our own desires instead of obedience to God’s Word, we have made a god to fit us. Once born again we have been bought with a price. We belong to God. We, in making Jesus the Lord of our life, are to be fully submitted to His Word for us. Just like the children of Israel God has great plans for us, but if we are not willing to do things His way, we will miss out on what He has planned for our life. Stick with God’s Word for us today and you can walk in what He has planned for your future.

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